maanantai 3. kesäkuuta 2019

EBU data journalism status update

EBU has now had a data journalist in the for two and half months and it is time to catch up what we have accomplished. We’ve focused mainly on three areas.

1. Creating the community

We have been starting to plan events and we are organising an event on fact-checking on 25th of June. We have about 30 people joining us in Geneva. Fact checking has a strong link with data journalism.

For data journalists we organised a conference call in May and the 4th data journalist meeting is also planned in Autumn. Before we have met in Milan, Geneva and London.

To support communication we have promoted the data journalism mailing list which now has over 50 people on it. The amount of members on this list has almost doubled in past months. We will use the mailing list on informing about events.

We also have an existing Facebook group which we are now starting to activate.

2. Implementing data story templates

We have started to implement data story templates. The idea in this is to create wireframes that EBU members can develop further to make into journalistic stories. Members are able to translate, to localise and to implement their company styles. This can be together with EBU. The projects can be hosted on member's own CDNs.

3. Data story exchange

We've asked members to share their best data story examples with could be share with other members. Some of the data stories that members publish on their own audience have more wider interest and these could be quite easily transported from one member to another. There can be some technical issues but we can tackle those.

So far the most concrete example have come from SVT. They built an interactive quiz which challenges the reader in a fun way to know about the past events in European history.